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Drafting Room

The Drafting Room is an addition that can be added onto your Country Manor. It is useful if you want to protect some of your territory with Guard Towers and add easy access to it. By building the Drafting Room, you are able to upgrade your Hardened Flags into Guard Towers. These towers will automatically attack any player within its range that is not on your "Friends" list and the Guard Towers are automatically added to your Estates list so you can easily to travel to them anytime.

Want automatic defense and easy access to a distant part of your territory? Just build the Drafting Room onto your Manor, and then upgrade a flag to a Guard Tower. It will defend itself automatically and you'll be able to revisit it anytime you want from the Estates menu.

When you first add the Drafting Room, you can upgrade one flag to a Guard Tower. If you want more, you have to upgrade your Drafting Room. Each time the Drafting Room is upgraded, you'll be able to build one more Guard Tower, up to a maximum of 10.

Drafting Rooms can only be built onto a Country Manor. To build one, tap the door on the second floor of your Country Manor and choose "Build Drafting Room."

Resources Needed