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Of all the creatures in Parallel Kingdom, Dragons are believed to be among the oldest. These scaly beasts are proud and powerful no matter how big or small. The most commonly seen type of Dragon is that of the smaller variety. However, even these usually weigh almost a ton and tower above the average human. These young Dragons leave their Dragon Lairs early in life to explore, hunt, and cause some destruction in their wake. As they age, it is not uncommon for them to return to their birthplace.

It is rare to find Dragons in groups as they maintain a solitary lifestyle. Be careful to avoid Dragons when spotting them as getting too close will make them hostile. While not unbeatable, attacking them should be done with caution as their sharp teeth and tough scales make them a deadly opponent. Though a great challenge, victory over a Dragon can provide an equally great reward.

Best Weapon Set
Spear, Shield

Item Drops
Swords, Spears, Axes, Daggers, Shields, Breastplates, Backpacks

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