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Dragon Egg


Dragon Eggs are useful to:

Drake Cannon

A Drake Cannon is a Dreadnought Cannon, which can only be used on a Kingdom Airship.

Dragon Master Skill

After the Dragon Broodmother has been killed at the end of a Dragon Lair Dungeon, you may place 5 Dragon Eggs in the nest to unlock Dragon Master skill. After the skill has been unlocked, you will be able to use Skill Points to acquire the skill.

Hatching a Dragon Pet

After you have unlocked Dragon Master, you can hatch a Dragon Egg by tapping it in your inventory and choosing "Hatch." This costs 300 food and will produce a Dragon Pet for you. Or you can spend more food to hatch a full-grown dragon pet at your maximum Effective Level. Dragon pets need to be handled very carefully, so make sure you have Dragon Master level 1 skill before trying to hatch one.

If you reset your skills later, make sure you take Dragon Master skill, if you want to use your Dragon Pet! A Dragon Pet will not respond to the whistle of someone who has no Dragon Mastery. (Whenever you do have the skill, however, your Dragon Pet will still remember any training that you had provided for it.)

What to look for:
Dragon Eggs are found only in Dragon Lair dungeons.

Weight: 1.0 kg
Dump value: 10g