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Dragon Face

dragon_default_mask.png dragon_blue_mask.png dragon_green_mask.png dragon_red_mask.png dragon_yellow_mask.png

From left to right, the masks shown above (and below) are: Default, Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

Faces or Pet Masks are available in every Trade Post for 400 Food. Applying one of these faces to your Dragon Pet will temporarily change its appearance and the mask can be removed.

Dragon Pets In Flight

dragon_default_mask_up_right.png dragon_blue_mask_up_right.png dragon_green_mask_up_right.png dragon_red_mask_up_right.png dragon_yellow_mask_up_right.png

There have also been Limited Edition Swag Dragon masks released, which include:

Snow Dragon Mask

dragon_snow_mask.png dragon_snow_mask_up_right.png

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Pet Faces

Pet Masks can be dropped, sold, wrapped in Gift Boxes, or traded.

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