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Druid's Tree Stump

A hollowed out stump is really all you need when it comes to shelter.

The Druid's Tree Stump is purchased from Monks for a cost of Druid Tokens and Food. Once you've earned the proper number of Tokens as listed below, find the nearest Monk and select the option to Purchase Specialization Goods so you can purchase your new decoration.

Druid's Tree Stump

Token Cost: 230
Food Cost: 400
Function: Exterior Decoration

This specialization decoration is applied to your Manor, City House, or Vacation House. To apply this decoration, you must first have one in your inventory, then move your character near the house you'd like to decorate. Then, go into your Inventory, scroll to the decoration you'd like to apply, select it, then select the Decorate House option. This will remove the item from your inventory and apply it to the nearest House you own.

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