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Dungeon Lantern


Dungeon Lanterns were released on Tuesday, November 6, 2012, with the Dungeon Lantern Update. Dungeon Lanterns are made primarily from Lantern Cases. There are various ways you can get your hands on Lantern Cases.

  • Purchasing from a Merchant
    • You can purchase a Lantern Case for 1,000 Gold times your character Level. (For example, a level 40 player will pay 40,000 gold per Lantern Case (Less if using Mercantilism Skill).)
  • Purchasing from a Trade Post
    • This is done in the same way as any other Trade Post item.
  • Dig One Up
    • If you're really lucky, and use the Cartography Skill set, you might just dig one of these Lantern Cases up from Gold buried treasure sites.

Lantern Cases can be placed on a Workbench in your Country Manor to be turned into Dungeon Lanterns.

Using a Dungeon Lantern

Dungeon Lanterns can be used instead of Torches to enter a dungeon, and will provide a certain type of bonus while the Lantern holder is in the dungeon. Players have a Lantern Slot where they can equip one lantern type at a time. The type of Dungeon lantern equipped can be changed by the player from their items list, but not while inside a dungeon.

Every time that you enter a dungeon with a lantern equipped, a charge is used up on the lantern. It doesn't matter if you finish the dungeon or not, once you enter it, it uses a lantern charge. Running dungeons with lanterns still has the oil cost, except for the Adventurer's Lantern.

There are six different types of Dungeon Lanterns. Each one has a different special benefit. All Dungeon Lanterns have 15 charges, and once all 15 charges have been used up, the Dungeon Lantern is destroyed. The different types of Lanterns are:

  • lantern_goldsmith.png Goldsmith's Lantern
    • Benefit: Earn 50% more gold when you are in a Dungeon.
    • Cost: 3 Lantern Cases
  • lantern_librarian.png Librarian's Lantern
    • Benefit: Earn 100% more pages and Kingdom Pages when you are in a Dungeon. (Only pages, NOT bricks or City Coins)
    • Cost: 1 Lantern Case and 25 Wood
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