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Experience traversing Dungeons gives you increased speed and new ways to enter.

Level 1 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • +10 Movement Speed in Dungeons
  • Ability to save your progress and leave a Dungeon at any time
  • Receive a Torch in your Inventory that allows you to re-enter the saved Dungeon

Level 2 (cost: 1 Skill Point)

  • +20 Movement Speed in Dungeons
  • You can run same Dungeons every 6 days instead of 7

Level 3 (cost: 1 Skill Points)

  • +30 Movement Speed in Dungeons
  • You can run same Dungeons every 5 days instead of 7


  • TREASURE BUFF - If you have one and exit, it will be gone.
  • HAVE A WAY TO RETURN - Dungeoneer doesn't create an estate for you, so if you leave the area, can you get back?
  • EXPIRED Twisted Prison - you will not be able to re-enter your Twisted Prison after it would have expired.
  • INVITES - If you have anyone on invite when you leave, they might be forced out with you. They will not be able to re-enter.
  • Don't be out too long before you come back.

Notes about Dungeoneering Skill:

  • You can exit and re-enter the same dungeon as many times as you want.
  • You can even run another dungeon after you have exited one, and then return and finish the first.
  • If you used a lantern, you will have that same lantern equipped when you re-enter. Since the lantern wear is deducted upon entry, you do not have to still have the lantern in your inventory.
  • You can exit from any room, even the final boss room, until the final boss is dead. After the final boss is dead, the dungeon is completed, and you cannot re-enter for 7/6/5 days.


  • If you have someone on invite before you enter the first time, everything is normal.
  • You can exit the dungeon, invite people, and re-enter. HOWEVER -
    • The people you invite will not follow you when you leave that room.
    • They will not be able to move from the room on their own.
    • They will be able to exit the dungeon, but will not be able to re-enter for 7/6/5 days.
  • So if you want to invite people to join you after you have started a dungeon:
    • Either have them run it on their own torch
    • Or make sure you exit from the room you want them to help you with, because that will be the only room they'll be with you for.

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