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Early Ages

Early PK history from the perspective of Creighton:

In the year two thousand and eight, during the festival of Samhain; also called All Saints Day, and Halloween, a portal opened from our world that led to an undiscovered realm that would become known as The Parallel Kingdom. Slowly individuals began to find that they could send avatars into this unexplored world to travel and investigate this strangely familiar wilderness. During those first few months, life in The PK was exceptionally challenging. Travel in The PK had to correspond to the persons real life location. To travel around The PK, the person had to travel in the real world.

It was an isolated existence. Though these pioneers knew that others like them were out there, they had no way to communicate, no way to gather together. only by happenstance did they encounter one and other. The perseverance of these first Pioneers should always be remembered. It was these individuals that paved the way for all future generatons. Never let us forget the dedication, and the trials and tribulations of those like: Holmsted, God, Caern, Thrazzle, {No}, ronch, Jander, Briony, Lancelotink, Sonja, Chiefton, Steve-o, Kepesk, Cheezmo, WATERmdimtry, rdogg, Darvenus, RamsesIICP, Aegis, seatown, Seven, Haiku, SepetPhalanx, F*Go*daddy, Cruzems, [Pik]Josh, Merytrin, Mimerneos, Xodus, jmchief1579, MCRrockz (loading...)...the list goes on and on.

As time passed, and our people became acclimated to the strange environment of The PK. The world began to grow smaller, that is to say that explorers began to learn to take control of territory by constructing land markers. These markers took the form of flags made from the resources the land and it's exotic creatures provided. The builder of the flag could visit any of there territories near them. Eventually large amounts of land began to become covered and vast distances could be traversed.

The PK began to see a great population boom as a new age dawned. The new age was official when the natives made themselves known to our people. The Monks were a powerful, yet mysterious group that seemed to want to help us discover the secrets of The PK. We learned to track the great Roc birds and travel greater distances than ever imagined. Players began to gather and hone their fighting skills. As it became apparent that Land equaled Gold, and Gold equaled Power, a great race began to control the greatest amount of flagged territory.

Note worthy land barons included F*go*daddy, Rhagrok, Urdtrain, Dolio, [EPIC]Xuzzette, Kurruption, darllam, RealityCheck, Chomper, Poins, Gurung.

As Gold and resources grew in demand, so did the desire to gain them easily. That gave birth to the notorious PK scam. We relied on trust of our fellow explorers and gathers to trade and sell resources. Of course every society has it's seedy underbelly and scammers such as the notrious JBreezy taught us that not everyone could be trusted. JBreezy turned theft into an art form. It could be said he single-handedly stole our mats and our innocence.

The Power of Gold translated into powerful weapons of Conquest. As time passed these weapons became more and more powerful. Eventually players realized the only way to make one weapon more powerful was to combine it with the might of another player's weapon...this alliances saw the first clans of The PK.

The first truly successful gathering of fighters was The Wrecking Crew: Markb, Kenwood(kirby) cruzems and Backonfreak (sephiroth). Such combined power had never before been seen in the PK, and they indeed left their mark. Eventually WC transformed into the Unusual Suspects of America with all the original members as well as various additions such as Gavi, Shella, Dolphinfan, and 9999999333. To this day, the fear and tyranny brought by these group has not been matched.

Family 4 Life (F4L) became USOA's greatest contenderr for top clan. Thumbs, Kailanie, Shella, Shalafi, Dinero_Gambino , Tinyamanda,and Powerspoonz each made impressive marks on PK. It would be a crime to not mention the ever mischievious PowerSpoonz. Spoonz became a well known maleficent hunter of the innocent. He was as skilled a warrior as he was a showman. He probably killed more noobs per day than most other players combined.

Various individuals and smaller alliances stood against the USOA: Bdub, seven & Thumbs, FBGM to name some of the more standout oppositions.

One Thing that gave people a taste of unison was the great american/Japanese war. It was short lived, but brought Raez to infamy that his friends will never forget.

As the USOA began to unravel, a new sentiment began to arise across The PK. We were splintered groups and isolated individuals yearning to create some sort of connection. This sentiment gave birth to The Empire. Unlike the pocket clans that came before it, The Empire strove to not unite a handful of players, but to create a society that would bring all of PK together. New to the PK, Creighton gathered all of the most influential vets together and had them form the 12 Houses. Creighton enlisted Caern, Rhagrok, and later Kamlyn and Banshee to help organize the endeavor. While controversial due to the inclusion of many former USOA members, The Empire flourished for many months. Hundreds of explorers and gathers helped build the Empire into the largest organization to ever come together in The PK. The Empire created the first city (Empire City) in the heart of The PK's Amazon Rain forest after a month-long expedition to the location. Perhaps most fondly remembered will be the organized dueling tournaments: The Ascension.

As the Empire rose to power, a young rogue began to make his mark on The PK. If Jbreezy was a scam artist, bOyA was a master. Within months bOyA was the name on everyone's lips. There wasn't a noob who wasn't scammed, nor was there Vet who did not have a friend that lost a capped weapon to the wry charm of bOyA.

bOyA, it turned out was not just a single entrepreneur, but he was backed by a loyal band of skilled thieves. TEAM bOyA began to take The PK over. He climbed to the top of flag owners, daring his enemies to seek revenge. My_belle and Edgeshadowwalk gained notoriety and respect for their loyalty for never leaving bOyA's side and making his name the most well known in the lands. A later recruit to Team BoYa, Huberto, would soon strive to make his teacher proud.

In those days many dared to challenge Team bOyA, JC2001, Markb, Ctowm, Chairman, and even Evandd, a one time member of bOyA's trusted friends, all waged war with the PK powerhouse.

Many other groups quietly made their own mark on PK during these last days of the second age, Seven gathered the secret akatsuki, and Levinas(joseph, iiiio) and Woldragoon began what would become a epic expedition of exploration across the globe. DarkEclipse and FireKiller continued to keep The Midnight Cult one of the ever present clans.

As The Empire began to unravel, and bOyA was caught up in war, a new age dawned on The PK. The Great Scroll Hunt marked the new age as the discovery of the silver scrolls allowed for the construction of The Great Library. A Temporary slumber was cast upon the lands (longer for some than others). When we awoke we discovered a Great flood had washed over The Pk. It forced explorers to learn the ways of water travel. On land, Adventurers dared to enter the depths of newly discovered caverns, roc nests, groves, and other "dungeons". The first spark of a PK society, which began in the prior age, burst into a full flame as cities began to be founded across the lands, and competitions broke out amongst all the people with trophy hats to show their honored achievements.

As it's final gesture, The Empire created a new city, The Gulf Park Estates. It became the largest, and most organized city in the new PK. The Gulf quickly became known as the premier Trade Hub. In a matter of days players went from being isolated, to being surrounded by and interacting with hundreds of neighbors.

Individuals like Rylorn, Kair, and MasterRabbit(masterwilliamlawrance), began to inspire newer generations with a credence built upon respect and helping. Rhagrok shined as the embodiment of this movement.

Dozens of new cities were created each week. Friends began to use the cities as bases of operation. Others decided to make their mark by raiding and pillaging the new cities. Markb created the {NWO} to try and bring the terror of USOA back, but they discovered that this new world was not as easy to conquer as the last.

The Empire has all but vanished, leaving a void that would quickly be replaced by the "reformed" Scammer "Huberto", and the well-liked "Awesome". With hard work, and keen organization skills, the duo proved to PK what a clan could accomplish. Syndikate, better known by their clan tag (SDK) took PK by storm. They organized group hunts, helped members grow in power, and most importantly assisted each other in gaining Trophy Hats. SDK replaced Gulf Park Estates with Fort Erie, the new hub of trade in the PK.

Around this time people began to defy the DEVine's will, and found ways to travel to every corner of the world. If PK was growing smaller before, now it seemed as though it could fit on the tip of a pin.

While SDK took over the PK social scene, boYa continued to show his staying power as he grew his flagged territory, and time and time made earning trophy hats look like child's play. As bOya accumulated his achievments, WolfDragoon proved to PK that there were other ways to make a mark. WolfDragoon quickly compiled the largest estates list as he visited and built more cities than any other player had dreamed possible. In his ever-stoic fashion, Wolf connected a discombobulated world without ever asking for anything in return.

Following the lead of Cartel, XB and Mdimitry began their rise as the most prominent merchants. They learned to play The PK markets, and proved gold and power could be earned without ever using a weapon.

The race for controlling the most flagged territory took a dramatic turn when, seemingly out of no where, Roberto_the_magnificent shot passed every top land holder. He rocketing to the top, building more flags than any person had ever achieved, at such a pace so as no one could catch him.

Many clans began to sprout up across the PK using the SDK mold. Fear No Clan, The Blades Empire, and THO were all newly formed. Seven's long lived yet secret Akatsuki clan began to let their presence be known...and felt. Each new clan desired to reach the prominence that SDK achieved.

After a period of absence Creighton came back to The PK, but this time rather than uniting the world, it seemed he had gone mad, and promised only destruction. Creighton stood at the head of a new gathering of PK's elite warriors: Shella, KailainE, Thumbs & Manso_Tarson, Geoi, MarkB, and xtn made up the core of Creighton's Legion. They declared war on ALL of The PK. They presented every person with two options: Submit or Destroy us. Legion's Reign of Conquest targeted every major city, clan, and place of interest. They were finally defeated as numerous clans and individuals congregated on a great battlefield in what became known as The War of The Nine Towers.

Mdimitry had turned Happy Valley into the new center of the PK world. The new PK economy was based on how merchandise moved there. Mdimitry began to experiment with the power given by a wealth never before obtained by a single individual. He was able to open various markets across the world, and use gold as rewards to sponsor trophy hat competitions that would inspire adventurers to accomplish feats that were never before dreamed. One such competition saw IndianaJoe (SirJoe) complete an astounding 400+ dungeons in a weeks time.

Various other traders, ThePat, Bdub, Billa, Micali have followed Mdim's lead, but none have yet been able to match his success.

In the weeks after Legion wrought havok, a new terror was born under the leadership of LuckyCharmz. The GooNs took pleasure in bringing malice to every corner of The PK. They quickly became the most hated group across the lands. Constantly battling clans such as Chess Club, FnC, and the remenants of SDK...The GooNs only fell from power when they were torn asunder from inside their ranks through the plotting of their enemies.

Caern and Kamlyn teamed up to bring the T.H.U.G.S. to The PK. Despite the deceiving acronym, the group worked to help acclimate new players into the world, as well as scout out promising future talent. T.H.U.G.S. Made their mark by hosting the most organized dueling tournaments to date. The group mysteriously disbanded days after their most successful Trophy-Hat-backed tourney.

When bOyA left the scene after achieving every conceivable goal, My_belle and Edgeshaowwalk struck out on their own. Building upon her pre-existing reputation My_belle has continued to be known as one of the most fearsome flag choppers in the land. Edge went on to prove himself to be one of the most talented fighters around. As Markb once again claimed his status as one of The PK's greatest warriors by winning the first two dueling tournament trophy hats, Edgeshadowwalk proved his own mettle by defeating mark in the third tourney, and losing only to his own prodigy, ThePat.

As we find ourselves in the final days of the third age, there exists a proverbial Alphabet soup of new clans...everyone wondering which will rule the next age. Mdimitry promises to buy himself an Apocalypse as opposed to a firework show to send out the age of Emergence and welcome in The Age of Thrones. The only thing certain of our future, just like our past, it's the people that will always make The Parallel Kingdom Legendary.


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