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Effective Level

Your effective level determines how much the game challenges you. Your effective level is the average level of the best equipment in your inventory. (Example: if you have a level 20 Sword and a level 10 Breastplate, your effective level would be 15, however, if you dropped the breastplate, your effective level would be 20).

For the purposes of calculating the effective level any player who has level one or more in Oiyoi Martial Arts is considered to have a weapon and armor equal to their player level to max of 25.

When effective level is calculated, the value is always rounded up. As such, a player with Oiyoi Martial Arts who has any level 26 weapon and no other equipment is considered to have an effective level of 26.

Only the highest level weapon and highest level armour are taken into account. Thus a player with a level 25 Breast Plate, level 26 Dragon Scalemail, level 24 Shield, level 25 Sword, level 15 Longbow and level 0 Axe is considered to have an effective level of 26 because the highest level armour is the level 26 Dragon Scalemail and the highest weapon is the level 25 Sword. Averages to 25.5, but rounds up to 26.

Easiest way to determine your Effective Level is to enter Proving Grounds and testing out the Practice Dummy in the top right corner.


Your effective level determines the highest level of any of your pets. Pets may be upgraded past that point, however, they will only ever be as strong as your current effective level. As such, a level 26 pet owned by a player with only a 24 effective level will be only as strong as a level 24 pet.

When a player enters an area which has not recently been visited by another player, the creatures in the area have their toughness adjusted to match the effective level of the player. This affects the circle the player is in as well as all circles within a 3 circle radius around the player.

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