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  • Wind Elemental
    • Has a 30% chance to Dodge attacks.
    • Its attack can trigger the Wind Metal Knockback effect.
    • Wind Elementals circle their enemy’s ship and consistently rotate around it.
    • As they knock enemies around, they follow them.

Goal: The Player should feel like they’re in a hectic wind storm.

  • Lightning Elemental
    • Can apply Lightning Metal Debuff on its attack.
    • Lightning Debuff should treat the Lightning Elemental as though it were another Entity with the Lighting Debuff.
    • Lightning Elemental constantly scatters mini Lightning Elementals around their targets called Shocklings.
    • Shocklings do not attack the Player, but also count when applying the Lightning Debuff Damage

Shocklings should not be giving out much Gold or Pages

Goal: The battlefield should turn into a minefield as they player tries to avoid all the Shocklings. When a Lightning Elemental is killed all Shocklings disappear.


  • Can apply Fire Metal Debuff on its attack.
    • Fire Elementals have a chance to spawn mini Fire Elementals called Emberlings.
    • A Fire Elemental spawns three at a time, the Emberlings then wait a second before charging the Player

If the Emberling gets to the Player it deals a decent amount of damage and disappears (it just disappears instead of boarding).

Goal: When Emberlings spawn, the Player should want to retreat and defeat them so they don’t take too much damage.

  • When Fire Elemental is killed all Emberlings disappear.


  • Can apply Ice Metal Debuff on its attack.
    • The Water Elemental spawns 4 Wetlings that travel out and away from the Water Elemental.
    • It loses 10% of its Max HP as it does this.
    • The Water Elemental tries moving towards the Wetlings and when they get near, they absorb 6% of its Max HP back in Health.
  • When a Water Elemental is killed all Wetlings disappear.


  • Has a 30% chance to teleport around the area when attacked.
  • When Aether Elementals teleport, they leave an Aether Decoy that dies in a single hit.
    • After teleporting, they teleport in two additional Aether Decoys as well.

When Aether Elemental is killed all Aether Decoys disappear.

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