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Elemental Buffs

What is an Elemental Buff?

An Elemental Buff is a new feature in the Age of Ascension. Most Elemental Buffs give players a 5 minute long benefit. The chart below outlines each new Elemental Buff, along with the Buff's icon and description for your reference! You can also view the full list of Buffs, here!

First, there are some notes you must read about Elemental Buffs:

  • To get an Elemental Buff you must already be carrying the Element whose buff you wish to receive.
  • When you have an Element and wish to receive its Buff, you must collect another of the same Element.
    • Collecting any additional Element while on your Griffin mount will gain you the Buff for whichever element you currently carry.
  • Collecting additional Elements of the same type simply refreshes the Buff's timer.

-- Example: You want a Fire Buff. You must first collect a Fire Element if you don't already have one, and you must collect a second Fire Element while still carrying the first. This will grant you the Fire Buff you want.

Elemental Buffs Chart
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_elemental_aether_big.pngAether Buff from
Aether Element
Next 3 jumps Fuel cost reduced by 80%.
buff_elemental_fire_big.pngFire Buff from
Fire Element
10% increased damage for 5 minutes.
buff_elemental_lightning_big.pngLightning Buff from
Lightning Element
20% faster movement speed for 5 minutes.
buff_elemental_water_big.pngWater Buff from
Water Element
Health regeneration for 5 minutes.
Will heal 1HP per 5 seconds for
every 200 MAX HP you have. Example:
You have 3200HP. You'll heal 16HP
every 5 seconds. This will not expire
at full HP like a Berry would.
buff_elemental_wind_big.pngWind Buff from
Wind Element
8% faster attack speed for 5 minutes.
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