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Engineer's Goggles

These goggles! They do nothing! But only if you're not wearing them!

The Engineer's Goggles hat is purchased from Monks for a cost of Crafter Tokens and Food. Once you've earned the proper number of Tokens as listed below, find the nearest Monk and select the option to Purchase Specialization Goods so you can purchase your new hat.

Engineer's Goggles

Token Cost: 760
Food Cost: 300
Function: Hat

Adorn yourself with one of these finely made specialization hats to show off your expertise in your class. Specialization Hats can be found towards the bottom of your items list and simply tapping on the hat and selecting the 'equip' option will allow you to show off your latest monk purchase.

Note: Specialization Hats are player bound and as such, cannot be dropped, dumped or traded.

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