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Explorer Boots

Explorer Boots
Allows you to place an invisible mark on any building you can visit.

The "Boot Mark" functions as a temporary Estate that you can see on your Compass and in your Travel List. It is automatically stickied, appearing at the top of the list. It functions the same as any other Estate.

The Mark expires after 26 hours. You can travel to it with Explorer's Boots on at any time before it expires, and re-Mark it, extending the time for another 26 hours.

You do not have to wear Explorer's Boots to use the Estate created by the Boot Mark.

  • Creates an Estate listing on any Building you can Visit for 26 Hours
  • Tap the Building to set the Mark
  • Can only Mark one Building at a time
  • Can’t be used on buildings you already have an Estate for
  • Can't be used on buildings you don't have passage for, or on structures that pk does not count as "buildings" (such as whirlpools)

NOTE 1: Only Platinum Members have the ability to craft this item, however, anyone can use them.

NOTE 2: As with any Boots or Gloves, you can only change them inside a House (any City House, Country Manor, or Platinum Vacation House), or a Castle.

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