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Extra Details

Some aspects of the game are not directly mentioned anywhere in the guide, and as such, reside here.
This information is not necessary for playing, new players need not worry about it too much, but for those looking for extra information;


The Damage Matrices

A damage matrix shows how effective each offensive source of damage (attack) is versus each defense.
The numbers on the table represent the damage that a source on the left side will deal to a defense of equal level along the top of the table.

The full table and the PvP table are the most accurate and up-to-date. The Attack Table is generated from the full table to be easier to read, as the full damage table doesn't fit on some mobile devices, but may not be quite as up-to-date.

Full Damage Matrix

The Full Damage Matrix contains a full list of all constructs of combat, including weapons, armor, creatures, and combat related structures.

PvP Damage Matrix

PvP Damage Matrix relates only to equipment (items usable by players)

Attack Damage Matrix

The Attack Damage Matrix contains a full list of all constructs of combat that can be attacked, but only the weapons, minions, pets, golems, etc. that might be usable by players to attack.

Specialization and Classes

The Classes/Specialization Skills and their prerequisites are explained on the Specialization Skills page.

Upgrade Costs

A table and explanation of the costs for upgrading equipment can be found at Cost of Upgrading Gear.

Effective Level

Effective Level the determines maximum pet levels and the difficulty class of generated monsters.


The Battle Timer is a 5 minute timer that refreshes itself every time one combatant hits another. The timer resets/clears when neither combatant has hit each other for 5 minutes or when one player is killed. Being unaggressive does not stop you getting hit when a battle timer is in effect.

The Protection Timer is the 22 Hour Rule. This timer is added when one player attacks another but the attacked player does not fight back. The Protection Timer is overwritten by the Battle Timer when both players attack each other.

The Revenge timer is a 22 hour timer that activates after you are killed by another player, this timer allows you to constantly attack the player who killed you even if they are unaggressive.

The Insight Timer (for Mercenary Training) piggy-backs off of the battle timer. If the Battle Timer ends, the Insight Timer ends.

Burn Times

The list of burn and repair times can be found here: Burn Time

Base Movement Speed

The base speed of every player is 130. To figure your speed reduce by item encumbrance and add any bonus from rings, Boots or specialization.