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Fire Bomb Golem


Fire Bomb Golems are single use weapons. They are extremely powerful against buildings, doing 1,000 HP of damage by exploding into flames on impact (will not work against houses). They may only be used on buildings that are not already burning. Against Flags, they are strong enough to instantly destroy any Personal or Kingdom Flags in one explosion. If the golem is above level 1 when it explodes, it will not die, it will just lose a level.

Firebomb golems can be fused up to +6:

  • +1: 75% HP, Heal every 10.5 seconds
  • +2: 100% HP, Heal every 10 seconds
  • +3: 125% HP, Heal every 9.5 seconds
  • +4: 150% HP, Heal every 9 seconds
  • +5: 175% HP, Heal every 8.5 seconds
  • +6: 200% HP, Heal every 8 seconds

Remember to fuse your golems as they count toward your minion limit of 5 minions of all varieties following you at any given time.

They are built at a Siege Factory.

Resources Needed:
5 Sulfur, 50 Crude Oil
(Crude Oil price increases with each Fire Bomb Golem under your control)

This is one of the war golem units. War golems will follow you a short distance when set to follow, but if you jump more than roughly 1 flag away they will not follow. War golems will only jump large distances with you, when set to follow, to your city center, kingdom castle, war outpost, or warcamp. If a war golem gets lost they can be called back to your warcamp using a Compass.