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Flag Decorations

Flag Decorations are crafted, purchased, or rewarded items that can be applied to Hardened Flags to produce a cosmetic change. To craft, place a valid item on the Workbench inside your Country Manor. Valid items include but are not limited to Leather, Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and Pearl. Purchased flag decorations as well as other swag items are available at any Trade Post or Trade Hub and is sold for Food. To learn more about a rewarded flag decoration, read Referral Rewards.

Crafted Flag Decorations
Flags: flag_flora.png flag_crystal.png flag_ruby.png flag_leather.png flag_diamond.png flag_emerald.png flag_pearl.png flag_ice.png
Buoys: flag_flora_buoy.png flag_crystal_buoy.png flag_ruby_buoy.png flag_leather_buoy.png flag_diamond_buoy.png flag_emerald_buoy.png flag_pearl_buoy.png flag_ice_buoy.png

Purchased Flag Decorations
Flags: flag_sword_and_skull.png flag_unicorn.png flag_steel.png flag_art.png flag_dog_house.png flag_totem.png flag_easter.png flag_battle_axe.png
Buoys: flag_sword_and_skull_buoy.png flag_unicorn_buoy.png flag_steel_buoy.png flag_art_buoy.png flag_dog_house_buoy.png flag_totem_buoy.png flag_easter_buoy.png flag_battle_axe_buoy.png

Rewarded Flag Decorations
Flags: flag_500k.png flag_referral.png
Buoys: flag_500k_buoy.png flag_referral_buoy.png

Limited Time Flag Decorations
Flags: flag_firework.png flag_parrot_roost.png flag_valkyrie.png
Buoys: flag_firework_buoy.png flag_parrot_roost_buoy.png flag_valkyrie_buoy.png

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