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Flag Dye

red_flag_dye.png orange_flag_dye.png yellow_flag_dye.png light_green_flag_dye.png dark_green_flag_dye.png blue_flag_dye.png purple_flag_dye.png pink_flag_dye.png
Dyes will permanently change the color of all your Flags as well as your other Buildings, plus the color of your name on your profile.
They come in each of the 8 starter colors (Red, orange, yellow, light green, dark green, teal, blue and purple) as well as pink.

If you create a Kingdom, its initial color will be the same color as your personal color. Flag dye is a lot less expensive than changing the color of a Kingdom, so if you want to create a kingdom, you may wish to consider this first.

Where to Purchase

250 Food (less if you have Mercantilism Skill) at Traveling Merchants and City Market, when available

Trade Posts and Trade Hubs, depending on what's being sold