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Fortified Monolith

Fortified Monolith

gmo_fortified_monolith.png gmo_fortified_monolith_decay.png
Operational Decayed

The Fortified Monolith causes all Buildings within the Monolith's range to take half of the damage that they'd take normally. For example, if an attack would do 50HP damage to a building normally, the building would only take 25HP damage if it's within range of the Fortified Monolith.


  • The Fortified Monolith is one of up to 6 total Monoliths a player can build using the Monolith Drafting Skill.
  • The Fortified Monolith can be set on fire instantly for a cost of 20 Crude Oil.
  • Once set on fire, the Fortified Monolith is burned down in 1 Hour.
  • The Fortified Monolith is able to be repaired while it is on fire.
  • The Fortified Monolith's range is a 600 meter circle in diameter, which is half as wide as your movement circle.
  • The Fortified Monolith's benefits do not get granted when you are inside a Dungeon that is inside a Fortified Monolith's range.
  • This Monolith will decay 24 hours after being built.
    • Remnants will still exist for 24 hours after the initial Decay.
    • Remnants can be recharged by anyone for the cost of 1 Stonecore Spark.


Cost to Build
5 stonecore_spark.png2 iron.png3 stone.png

stonecore_spark.png - Stonecore Spark
iron.png - Iron
stone.png - Stone

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