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Fuel is used for moving Airships in the Sky Realm. Fuel is generated by DOCKED Airships over time. It takes 4 hours for a docked Airship to fully refill on fuel.

Each Airship has its own fuel. If you have two Airships, they generate food independently from one another.

Fuel can also be acquired in three different ways:

  1. Fuel can be purchased on the spot by tapping your Airship and selecting "Refuel". This costs Food and gets more expensive the more you do this in each flight.
  2. Fuel can also be purchased from unlocked Fueling Stations for either Gold or Refined Oil. Fueling Stations can only be used once per flight and are less expensive than Refueling on the spot.
  3. Fuel can be a reward for defeating monsters while flying your Airship. These quantities are generally pretty small but could be just enough to allow you to do an additional jump. When a monster drops fuel it goes directly into your ship.

--WARNING-- If you logout while flying your airship you will NOT generate any fuel. You must dock your airship before logging out.

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