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Garrison Post


A Garrison Post houses your military Golems and keeps them ready to defend your city buildings. You can put 3 types of Golems here: Axeman Golems, Archer Golems, and Fire Bomb Golems. When you have Golems stationed in the Garrison Post, they will come out automatically when another player tries to attack or raid your nearby buildings. The major bonus of the Garrison Post is that when the Golems stationed here are destroyed, they are not lost forever. They automatically respawn after 2 hours and continue to defend your buildings.

To build a Garrison Post, go near the buildings you want to defend and have your character stand where you want to build. Select "Menu" >> "Create" >> "Build" >> "Garrison Post."

To build more than 1 Garrison Post, you will need to use a Research Lab to unlock the technology. Each level of research will allow you build 2 additional Garrison Posts.

Resources Needed: 3 Wood, 10 Crystal

Building Hit Points:4,000
Burn Time: 25 Hours