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Gear Memory Scroll


Gear Memory Scrolls are devices that allow you to store a gear set. Gear Memory Scrolls can only be crafted by Platinum Members. You can have as many as you would like, all with a different gear set. Each Scroll can remember a melee weapon, a ranged weapon, a piece of armor, and a shield. To remember a set of items, equip the items you want remembered, click on your Gear Memory Scroll, and press "Remember Weapons and Armor." From now on, you can now quickly equip that specific gear set by clicking on your Gear Memory Scroll and pressing "Equip Remembered Items". The items that you had the scroll remember will now be equipped to you.

If you want your Gear Memory Scroll to remember your rings and amulet as well, it can help you. Just equip the rings and amulet you want to remember, and click "Remember Jewlery." Your Gear Memory Scroll can remember BOTH your rings & amulet and your weapons/armor. When you want to get your remembered rings back, just press "Equip Remembered Items".

Please note that when recalling your equipped items, you will not only bring back your remembered rings, but also your remembered weapons and armor.

If you would like to have easy access to the "Equip Remembered Items" button, you can put it in one of your Quick Slots.

Crafting Requirements

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