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Gem Dust


Getting Gem Dust

There are several ways to get your hands on gem dust.

Crushing Gems

Crushing any gem (Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst or Topaz) will create 100 gem dust (+5%/10%/15% if you have a "Bejeweled" or "Gemstone" Ring or Amulet equipped) which will be automatically added to your items list.

Defending Flag Attacks

One of the many rewards you can possibly earn from defending your flags from monster attacks is 20 gem dust (Automatically added to items list).

Gem Golems

Gem Golems (found within the Tower of the Golem) will sometimes drop 1 gem dust when they die.
Note:This is not automatically added to your item list, you must remember to pick it up off of the ground.

Valkyries and Deathsoar Sentinels

Valkyries and Deathsoar Sentinels are known to occasionally drop 1 gem dust when they die.


Skill Point Gem Dust Cost
1st Point: 100 Gem Dust
2nd Point: 200 Gem Dust
3rd Point: 400 Gem Dust
4th Point: 800 Gem Dust
5th Point: 1,500 Gem Dust
6th Point: 3,000 Gem Dust
7th Point: 6,000 Gem Dust
8th Point: 12,000 Gem Dust
9th Point: 25,000 Gem Dust
10th Point: 50,000 Gem Dust
  • Locations of legendary monsters can be recorded with Gem Dust (25 Gem Dust Each). These locations will be recorded in the player's in-game Estates list, alphabetically, under the name of the legendary monster. Example: Look under "B" if you have saved a "Beridan". You can return to the monster's location, any time within three days. (You can check how much time is left by tapping on the estate in your estate list.) Be careful not to attack or taunt near the monster before you are ready, or it may flee!

    Note 1: Normal players can only have 1 legendary monster location recorded at any given time, Platinum members can have 3.

    NOTE 2: Dusting a legendary monster will not prevent any other player or monster from seeing or attacking it before you get back. So it's best to gather your group and return as soon as possible.

    NOTE 3: Some legendaries (such as Lilia) MUST be dusted, or they will be gone as soon as you've left the circle. Others (such as Jhromungand) MAY still be there, if you can find the exact location again, and nothing has disturbed them.
  • Gem Dust can also be spent at Monks to purchase specialization titles.
    • There are 7 levels of specialization title, starting at level 1
    • Each title will cost 125 Gem dust + an amount of specialty tokens (token cost increases at each title level, Gem Dust cost stays the same)
    • Specialization Titles