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Giant Flea

When Found on Land...


Giant Fleas are found in Roc Nests and City Sewers and are not very strong. Their behavior is very unique. If approached unaggressive, giant fleas will run away from you. However, if you attack a giant flea, nearly all other fleas will swarm you from very far away. They are found in large groups, about 7 in a room if not accompanied by any other monsters. At low health they will flee from you if separated from the rest of the group.

When Found in the Sky...


Swarms of Giant Fleas are frequently found in the Sky Realm and they can be quite aggressive. Steer clear when on your Griffin or if you must fight them, keep moving. The swarms will also quickly board and infest your Airship, so be sure to Fend off Boarders.

Each Giant Flea that boards your Airship will reduce your Airship's Armor by 5%, so it is very important that you Fend them off as soon as possible so your Airship does not take extra damage due to your Armor being lower than it should.

Best Weapon Set
Spear, Shield

Item drop