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Giant Sequoia

giant_sequoia.png giant_sequoia_wither.png

The Giant Sequoia is a Latitude Tree. Latitude Trees are special trees that only spawn at certain Latitudes. Giant Sequoias are oversized trees that can be found in the Temperate zones of the world.

Since the Giant Sequoia is so big, it can't bear any fruit, but it does give double the amount of wood that a normal tree gives. Although Giant Sequoias give double the amount of wood, they also take 30 seconds to chop down instead of 20, or remove 2 charges from Chopping Gloves, instead of 1. Also because of their size, Giant Sequoias take up a large amount of room on the map, and take a while to re-grow.

A Giant Sequoia can be summoned as a Giant Sequoia Philostratus by anyone with Warden Knowledge Skill. A Giant Sequoia Philostratus have the ability to knock back targets with their attack, similar to wind metal.

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