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Gift Stockings


During the Winter Cheer Event in December 2013, people were awarded with Stockings that could be used to plant presents for other players.

  • Finding and defeating Krampus, will award you with Stockings
  • Gaining levels in the Winter Cheer event also awarded you with Stockings
  • You can place Items inside Stockings similar to Gift Boxes
  • For the duration of this event, they can also be purchased in a Trade Post at 5 for 50 Food
  • Stockings can be left on other player's Houses and Mourning Trees
  • Multiple Stockings can be placed on a House
  • Stockings cannot be opened until Dec. 25th, 2013 (11AM CST)
    • Stockings on Houses can only be opened by the Owner
  • After Jan. 1st, 2014, anyone can open any Stocking

Unlike Gift Boxes, Gift Stockings are not reusable. The stocking disappears after it has been opened. A message is sent to the gifter saying who received the item(s) when it is opened, and the person who opens it sees a popup notification with the sender's name and contents of the stocking.

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