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Great Fern Philostratus


Great Fern Philostratus is a Great Fern summoned to fight for you. They will automatically follow you once you summon them, however, only on land. They cannot move in the water. In order to summon the Great Fern Philostratus, you must have level 1 of the skill Warden Knowledge. Then select the Fern and press “Summon Philostratus.” Once you summon them, they will follow you unless you travel more than several flag lengths away. If you are summoning Philostratuses, it is a good idea to have Warden Knowledge 3 as well. With the healing aura, Philostratuses can hold their own with most monsters.

Great Fern Philostratus have a 15% chance of inflicting Honed with each attack it receives similar to armors or shields infused with Honed Metal.

Like all Philostratus, Great Fern Philostratus will follow you onto a visited Buoy, but will not fight on water. Even if they do not fight on water, summoned Philostratus are still useful to soak up damage that would have otherwise been dealt to you instead, but you must lure monsters to the Buoy itself as your animated trees will not move away from it.

All Philostratus have a chance of dropping one Wood when killed. Trees can be destroyed to make room for other minions.