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Great Fern Sap

great_fern_sap.png Sap great_fern_fruit.png Great Fern with Sap great_fern.png Great Fern without Sap

This sap is harvested from Great Fern Trees. It is necessary for making many of the valuable things in the Parallel world. Never pass up the opportunity to tap some in your travels.

What to look for:

Great Fern Trees occur randomly, and can be found either alone or in a group.
Tap on tree, and select "Harvest Great Fern Sap" on the menu. Sap is necessary for most craftable items. No bad results from getting Sap from Ferns, but they need to regenerate, so you can only get one at a time. Check back to the same Fern again and again for Sap, it just takes roughly 6 hours to generate more.

Great Fern Trees can be chopped down for Wood, but some people find the tree to be much more valuable for its sap.

Crafting with Great Fern Sap
Halvar's Resin
Explorer Boots
Gardener Boots
Rolly's Serum
Fire Bomb
Inspiration Tonic
Keldor's Rage

Weight: 0.1 kg
Dump value: 10 Gold

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