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Griffin Whistle

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Your Griffin can be called with the Griffin Whistle in your inventory or from your Travel menu and will take you into the Sky Realm.

The main use of your Griffin is to unlock a Sky Dock so that you can launch your airship, but you can also use your Griffin to hunt. Griffins can only see Lightning, Wind, and Fire Elements - you'll need an Airship to see and collect Aether and Water elements.


Besides gaining pages and gold by killing enemies in the sky, you can collect Construct Essence from Construct Cruisers, which can be used to build an Airship. Hunting with a Griffin can be a bit challenging at first. Here are some pointers:

  • Collect Elements from Clouds when you already have an element stored to give your Griffin Elemental Buffs for 5 minutes, which can greatly increase your damage.
  • If you are in danger of dieing, try to run away and become unaggressive so that you can heal. Even if enemies catch up with you afterwards and continue to attack, you should be able to out heal the damage until you are ready to attack again.


You can improve your Griffin's Attack Strength and Maximum Health by increasing the level of your Griffin Mount. To do this, simply open up your items list, select your Griffin Whistle, and tap the "Train Mount" option from the menu. Training a mount will cost 35 Food per level, and each level increase will increase the Attack Strength and Maximum Health stats of the Griffin Mount by 1%.

Extra Info

You will see a Landing Marker in the sky where you and your Griffin took off from. At any time while you are in the Sky Realm, you can instantly travel back to your Landing Marker, as long as you are unaggresive. If you return to the Land Realm, your Landing Marker is lost - there are no sky equivalents to estates in your Travel list.

If you ever accept an invitation from someone who is in the sky, you will arrive on your Griffin. Accepting this invite will cost Roc Feathers, as usual. While you are on your Griffin in the Sky Realm, you can still visit any of your normal estates in your Travel List and break the invite.

Griffin Stats:

  • 1000 HP
  • 100 Speed
  • 0% Armor
  • Attack:
    • 400 Range
    • 5 Damage
    • 1 Attack Speed
  • Healing: Heal every 20 seconds when unaggresive
  • Death results in transport back to your Landing Marker
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