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For some reason, Groves are usually found near the locations of our parks. These enchanted forests are being plagued by unknown dark forces. There have been hints and whispers of nefarious creatures that reside deep within these Groves, but their true nature remains shrouded in mystery. Avoid them if you can, fight them if you must, and if you are quick enough and strong enough, you may survive to collect some of the Grove's valuable Acorns. If you can manage to collect 25 of them and present them to one of the Wardens (hermits who live within these dark places), he may reward you with some of his knowledge.

While in a Grove, players can use all of the Warden Knowledge skills.


Unique Items
This is the place to get Acorns needed to unlock the Warden Knowledge skill.

A player-made guide to groves can be found here.