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Guard Tower


Guard Towers are upgraded hardened flags. You can build these once you have a Country Manor with the Drafting Room addition. Once you upgrade one of your flags into a Guard Tower, you will be asked to name it, and then it will be permanently in your Estates menu. This means you can easily visit your Guard Tower whenever you want. The other great benefit of Guard Towers is that they automatically protect your territory from unwanted trespassers. These are great to build near your Mourning Tree farms, Caves, and important territory boundaries. The more you upgrade your Drafting Room, the more Guard Towers you can build, up to a maximum of 20.

Guard towers can be upgraded to a maximum of level 25, the first upgrade costs 1 iron to get to level 2, the second upgrade costs 3 iron to get to level 3 and each subsequent upgrade adds an extra iron to that cost such that a fully upgraded tower will cost 323 iron.
Each additional level increases the guard tower's hit points by 400 and attack by 1.
Guard towers reduce dodge by 25% similar to militia.

Resources Needed: 20 Stone, 20 Wood, 1 Hardened Flag

Building Hit Points: 2,400 (Lvl 1) - 12,000 (Lvl 25)
Burn Time: 25 Hours