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Gyront Card Table


You can craft a fully functional table and invite your friends over for a good natured game of Gyront Cards. Once crafted, you will be able to select the Game Table from your inventory and install it in your house (or you can bring it to a friend's house and install it there). Once the table is installed, up to 6 player's can tap the table and choose to "Sit Down" to play a game.

Gyront Cards is pretty simple: The owner of the table sets the wager (5 to 10,000 Gold) and each player at the table matches that amount. Then everyone chooses a number from 1 to 6. The player that chooses the highest unique number wins all the Gold! (Example: player A chooses 6, player B chooses 6, and player C chooses 5. Player C wins). If no one chooses a unique number, the Gold stays in the pot and goes to the next winner.

To craft a Game Table:
Go into your Workshop and tap the Workbench. Place some Gyront Shells and then tap the Workbench again. Select "Craft" and one of the options will be a Game Table.

Crafting Requirements