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Healer's Monolith

Healer's Monolith

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Operational Decayed

The Healer's Monolith heals all entities that are within range of the Monolith. The Healer's Monolith healing power is twice as powerful as a Mourning Tree.


  • The Healer's Monolith is one of up to 6 total Monoliths a player can build using the Monolith Drafting Skill.
  • The Healer's Monolith can be set on fire instantly for a cost of 20 Crude Oil.
  • Once set on fire, the Healer's Monolith is burned down in 1 Hour.
  • The Healer's Monolith is able to be repaired while it is on fire.
  • The Healer's Monolith's range is a 600 meter circle in diameter, which is half as wide as your movement circle.
  • The Healer's Monolith's benefits do not get granted when you are inside a Dungeon that is inside a Healer's Monolith's range.
  • This Monolith will decay 24 hours after being built.
    • Remnants will still exist for 24 hours after the initial Decay.
    • Remnants can be recharged by anyone for the cost of 1 Stonecore Spark.


Cost to Build
1 stonecore_spark.png1 stone.png5 berries.png

stonecore_spark.png - Stonecore Spark
stone.png - Stone
berries.png - Mourning Berry

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