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Help Chat


Help Chat is a chatroom open to all PK players. This is a great chatroom to go in if you have any gameplay questions, or if you feel like you can answer some of our newer players' questions. Talking about non-PK related topics is strictly prohibited in Help Chat.

The Rules of Chat: Help Chat

  • For Helping Players Answer Questions Regarding Parallel Kingdom and Assisting **New Players
  • Inappropriate Language is Not Allowed
  • Trade Spam is Not Allowed
  • Player Harassment is Not Allowed
  • General Discussions and Conversations are Not Allowed
  • Discussions of Sex, Drugs, Politics, and Religion Not Allowed
  • Begging/Borrowing Not Allowed
  • Non-hat Related Hiring Not Allowed
  • Sale of invites Not Allowed
  • Large ASCII art and other obscene posts are Not Allowed
  • Discussion of Moderators, their practices, and any banning that has taken place is Not Allowed
  • All Price Checks (including rings and swag) must be made in Trade Chat
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