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Hideout Sign

What better way to misdirect those hunting for you than by placing this helpful sign.

The Hideout Sign is purchased from Monks for a cost of Thief Tokens and Food. Once you've earned the proper number of Tokens as listed below, find the nearest Monk and select the option to Purchase Specialization Goods so you can purchase your new decoration.

Hideout Sign

Token Cost: 150
Food Cost: 150
Function: Exterior Decor

This Specialization Exterior Decoration can be placed anywhere on the Parallel Kingdom world map as long as it's outside. Use this item to decorate around your manor, city, kingdom, or even just the local Troll Hut.

This item can be found towards the bottom of your items list. To place the decoration, simply open your items list, select the decoration you wish to place, and select the 'Place Decoration' option from the menu which appears. When you want to move it, simply tap on the decoration and select the 'Take down' option. This will move it back to your items list.

Note: Specialization Exterior Decorations cannot be dumped or traded. These items can only be dropped when inside the Country Manor, Vacation House, or City House

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