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There are two different types of house you will come across as you travel the world in Parallel Kingdom. One kind from very old Parallel Kingdom times, and the other a more recent game addition, which isn't as widely used, and not available to new players. Starting with the most recent...

Log Cabin Upgrade House


A House is the building that Log Cabins used to upgrade into. They were the middle stage between Log Cabin and Manor, (Now Country Manors). If you have a House, you may still upgrade it into a Country Manor if you have the necessary resources.

Houses have all the benefits of a Log Cabin, plus they have more hit points and you can go inside of them. To go inside of your House, tap it and select "Enter." You'll go inside of your House and you can now drop items and resources on the ground for storage. It's your House, decorate it however you want!

Note: These houses can no longer be built, however the ones that remain standing may contain valuable items.

Make sure you pick up any items in your house before destroying your house.

Ye Olde House


The second type of house (shown above) is a very old game building indeed. Used before the time of Roc Shrines and Guard Towers, these could be built to enable players to travel over land. These differ from the first type of house in the fact that they could not be entered, and therefor these houses do NOT contain any items.

In the time these houses were in use, there was no water in the world of Parallel Kingdom. When the water was introduced to the Game world in the Age of Emergence, any houses placed in areas of water became Sunken Houses you may also still come across.

Note: As these houses could NOT be entered, neither the land versions, or their sunken house couterparts will contain any items.

Building Hit Points: 10,000
Burn Time: 100 Hours