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Hunting Dog (Pet)


Every player begins the game with a Hunting Dog. Your Dog's primary use will be bringing you to fresh territory. All you have to do is tap your Dog and select "Walk Dog." This will cost 3 Roc Feathers and then your Dog will bring you to some fresh territory great for hunting. After traveling, you should tell your Dog to "Stay" so it doesn't follow you into battle and get hurt.

After a while, your Dog will have to go home and rest for a bit. This will happen when the Dog's timer is all used up or when its HP reaches zero. As it ages, it will need longer and longer resting times. If your Dog goes home to rest, you can look at your Dog Whistle in your Items list to see when you'll be able to call it back. When your pooch is all rested up, use the Dog Whistle to call it back to you.

If your Dog starts getting low in hit points, you can toss him a Mourning Berry by tapping the dog and choosing "Heal Pet." This will use one of your berries and the dog will start to regain hit points.

New Player Tips for Starting In Crowded Areas


Pet Attributes

Hunting Dogs are the basic pet given free to each player, and as such, have no attributes that set them appart from other pets

  • HP: 100
  • Attack: 0
  • Defense: 0 (Uses hide defense)
  • Average Tower Damage Received: 10
  • Average Golem Damage Received: 8

Training Your Dog

Like all pets, Dogs can be leveled up by tapping them and choosing "Train Pet"

  • It is not recommended to train your Dog until you are at least level 4
  • Each time you train your dog it gains one level which increases its attack and defense
  • The Dog's effective level is capped by the taking the average of your highest level weapon and armor in your inventory. (Example: if you have a level 20 Sword and a level 10 Breastplate, the highest effective level of your Dog would be 15)
  • You can't upgrade past your current effective level. If the dog is leveled over your current effective level then it's effective level will be reduced (e.g. you borrow a +26 to upgrade then go back to having an effective level of 24, your dog will say +26, but will only have the attributes of a +24)
  • Training your hunting dog will cost you 35 food per level

Feeding Your Dog

You can also feed your dog to give it new life

  • It is not recommended to feed your Dog until you are at least level 4
  • This is done by tapping the Dog Whistle in your inventory
  • Feeding calls your dog to you, and it will reset the timers on your Dog so it is like brand new (it will require only short rest periods between uses until it ages again)
  • Feeding does not reset any levels gained on the pet through training

Hunting Dog Skills

Note: It is not recommended to teach your Dog skills until you are at least level 4

  • Track Leather Skill
    • This works just like walking the dog, but the dog will find territory containing Stags, Boars, or Wolves.
  • Track Scales Skill
    • This works just like walking the dog, but the dog will find territory containing Dragons or Troodonts (possibly with a Cave)

Giving Your Pet A New Face

You can find new faces for your Hunting Dog in Trade Posts for 400 Food.

Extra Information

You can also call upon the dog to explore nearby open land by opening the travel option from the main menu, and selecting the 'explore open land' option. If your dog is fully rested, you will be moved to an open area of land and your dog will be called to your side ready for hunting.