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Inspiration Tonic


The Inspiration Tonic will allow you to earn more pages (as well as bricks on kingdom land and city coins on city land) for everything you do.

When consumed, Inspiration Tonic will last for one hour, even if you die.

Inspiration Tonics give a 10% boost to your Pages earned while it is in effect. Here are some examples of how this can be beneficial:

Pages Earned, Comparison
Pages Bricks Coins
Normal 1000 200 200
With Tonic 1100 220 220

Requirements To craft this you need to have Alchemy Level 1. skill_alchemy.png
What to look for: To craft some Inspiration Tonic, you'll need 1 Lichen, 1 Gyront Shell, 5 Oleander Flowers, 3 Fern Sap.

Weight: 0.1kg Dump value: 200g

An image with what the tonics buff looks like can be found here