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Iron is one of the most essential resources to have; it is used to craft all sorts of weapons and gadgets. Having a lot is a good idea, as it is not as easy to get as it seems.

What to look for: You'll need to mine Iron Ore from a nearby Iron Cave. Once you have mined enough Iron Ore to your liking, you will have to Smelt it to try to get Iron. Do this by going to your inventory and selecting the Iron Ore and select Smelt. Another thing you should know is that smelting requires fire, and fire requires wood, so put two and two together and you’ll figure out that you need one Wood to smelt your Iron Ore. You can mine from the same Iron Cave for more Iron Ore every 6 hours.

Iron has many different uses throughout the world of Parallel Kingdom, and is a very useful resource, and should not be underestimated. Iron can be used to:

These are just a few of the many things that Iron can be used for in Parrallel Kingdom.

When smelting Iron Ore into Iron, you may occasionally fail, and create Iron Slag.

Weight: 0.1 kg each
Dump value: 30 Gold