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Keldor's Rage



  • +4 Attack
  • -2 Defense
  • Can travel while aggressive
  • Effect lasts until aggression ends or death
  • Can use estate list, accept invites, and exit dungeons without first "going green", but these actions will end the potion effect


Keldor's Rage is a potion crafted using the Alchemy skill which, when consumed, grants the player +4 Attack, but reduces the players Defense by 2.

When you drink a Keldor's Rage, your aggressiveness indicator turns orange. When you are under the everlasting aggressiveness of the Keldor's Rage, you can visit any structures that you normally could visit within your range of vision on the map, without having to wait to "go green". You can also go through dungeon doors, and you can flip switches in Sunken City dungeons.

Keldor's Rage can be used on the battlefield or in everyday hunting/dungeons, although it may be considered too expensive for casual frequent use.

The effect of Keldor's Rage has no time limit, but will last as long as you remain aggressive, and stay alive. This is completely different from most potions that last one hour, and continue to remain in effect even after death and respawning.

Keldor's Rage will help you stay aggressive; it does counter the effect of the Serenity skill, for example.

You can travel to estates on your estate list, accept invitations, and exit dungeons, without "going green", but performing any of these actions will end the potion effect.

Weight: 0.1kg Dump value: 150g

A image of what the Keldor's Rage buff looks like can be found here.