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The Primordial Chaos, Terror of the Leagues, the Insatiable Hunger, Keeper of Keepers; the great, ancient being which once terrorized the land known as Khaothul carries many titles. According to legend, Khaothul once threatened to drown all of existence in the waters of chaos. He corrupted many of the Keepers of Creation, perverting them into his dark servants. His corruption of creation nearly complete, Khaothul was thought to be the inevitable end of all that was. In the darkest of hours, a champion by the name of Gillen arose to face Khaothul. Backed by the uncorrupted Keepers of Time and Space, Gillen was able to surprise Khaothul and bound him with magical shackles to the City of Aquaria. Frozen in time by the shackles’ enchantment, Khaothul was unable to act as the city sunk into the water under his weight. This became the first Sunken City.

Many years have passed since the story's first telling, and it is unknown how much of it is legend and how much is history. Though, in recent times, the waters where the story is supposed to have taken place have grown turbulent.

An old plaque commemorating a hero who might have been Gillen warns that his followers, the "Dark Cultists," will seek to free him from his chains should he be threatened. Left unattended, they will succeed, and Khaothul will devour everyone opposing him.

Khaothul is rumored to carry three ancient relics known only as Khaos Orbs.