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Kingdom Buffs

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Kingdom Buffs

There are many different Buffs a Kingdom can provide for its members. From Trade Cartel to Sentinel and from one of the Mounted Kingdom Heads to Rally Post, Kingdom Members will be able to choose from a variety of Buffs to work for as a team. Below, you can find images for each of the Kingdom Buffs as well as links to more detailed explanations of each Kingdom Buff.

Kingdom Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_kingdom_big.png buff_kingdom.pngMounted Head Buff from Kingdom BadgesThis Buff can include +1 Attack to Bosses, 10% additional Crude Oil or Crystal when harvesting or raiding and many more Buffs.
buff_trade_cartel_big.png buff_trade_cartel.pngTrade Cartel Buff from Kingdom ArchiveBoost item and Ring drop rates by 25% for 24 hours.
buff_the_sentinels_big.png buff_the_sentinels.pngThe Sentinels Buff from Kingdom ArchiveFor 24 hours, boosts Defense by +2 and can delay a Golem's next heal when you attack it.
buff_the_vanguard_big.png buff_the_vanguard.pngThe Vanguard Buff from Kingdom ArchiveBoost Attack by +1 and Speed by 30, for 24 hours.
buff_rally_post_big.png buff_rally_post.pngRally Post Buff from Rally PostUp to +2 Attack and +2 Defense for Kingdom members within a 2500m land range of a Rally Post.

Sky-Based Kingdom Buffs

Being in a Kingdom has many perks, and you can enjoy several of them while in the Sky! If your Kingdom has any of the below Perks, you can benefit from some of the Buffs described below.

Special Kingdom Buffs
Buff IconBuff NameBuff Description
buff_island_brick_big.png buff_island_brick.pngBrick Island Buff from Brick MinesPlayers within a 5km radius of a Kingdom Brick Mine receive -3% Fuel consumption per Brick Mine level in their Airship.
buff_island_rally_big.png buff_island_rally.pngRally Island Buff from Rally PostsPlayers within a 5km radius of a Kingdom Rally Post receive +1% Armor increase per Rally Post level in their Airship.
buff_island_siege_big.png buff_island_siege.pngSiege Post Buff from Siege PostsPlayers within a 5km radius of a Kingdom Siege Post receive +2% Damage increase per Siege Post level in their Airship.
buff_imperial_dreadnought_big.png buff_imperial_dreadnought.pngImperial Dreadnought Buff from Imperial Dreadnought PerkThe Kingdom Flagship, and all Allies within 5km of the Flagship on land or in the sky will receive a 10% increased movement speed.
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