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Kingdom Levels and Perks

Kingdom Levels, Pages and Unlocks

Kingdom Perks can be a great benefit to your kingdom. The first step to acquiring them is to earn lots of Kingdom Pages. These Kingdom Pages come from hunting on Kingdom land, running Kingdom dungeons or winning a Dark Monolith event.

There's a Limit on the number of Kingdom Pages you can earn per day. A Kingdom can only earn 20,000 Kingdom Pages in a single day or destroy a single Dark Monolith before hitting the Limit. Once you have enough Kingdom Pages, you will instantly Level! No Action or Food required for it.

When you are ready to purchase your first Kingdom Perk, you will need a Kingdom Archive. Only the Kingdom Ruler can purchase the perk, using Kingdom Oil (which must be put into the Kingdom in the Kingdom Warehouse) and Kingdom Bricks. You can only purchase one Perk per Level, but you are not required to purchase them in order. If, for example, your Kingdom is particularly interested in the "Built to the Sky" Perk, you can focus on levelling your kingdom to Level 4, then build your Archive, and purchase "Built to the Sky". If you want to purchase a Level 2 Perk after that, you can.

But choose carefully. It costs more to change a Perk than it does to buy one. We don't want Kingdoms to be frequently changing their Perks.

There are only a few Levels for Kingdoms to gain. We're starting the Level cap off low at Level 6. The nice thing is, that we'll be able to raise the Level Cap and provide additional future bonuses in this flexible system. All Kingdoms start at Level 1. Below is a list of which Perk Slots become Unlocked at which Level.

Perk Costs

Original Purchase Costs

  • 20,000 Kingdom Bricks
  • 1,000 Kingdom Oil

Change Purchase Cost

  • 30,000 Kingdom Bricks
  • 1,500 Kingdom Oil

List of Perk Slots

  • Level 2 - Improve Land (40,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
  • Level 3 - Fortify Towers (130,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
  • Level 4 - Upgrade Obelisks (250,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
  • Level 5 - Drill Golems (400,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
  • Level 6 - Train Members (600,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
  • Level 7 - Tame Legendaries Perks (900,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
  • Level 8 - Improve Dungeons Perks (1,350,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
  • Level 9 - Chart the Sky Perks (2,000,000 Total Kingdom Pages)
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