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Kingdom Sky Dock


The Kingdom Sky Dock is a new Kingdom Building that can be built anywhere on a Kingdom's own land. This Kingdom Sky Dock allows players to Launch a Kingdom Airship if they have the permissions, as well as lets players launch their Personal Airships. The Kingdom Sky Dock also allows players to purchase Cannons and buy Personal Airships. Below, you'll find a full outline of the Kingdom Sky Dock's functionality, along with links to additional information regarding specific functions, items, and more.


Construction Costs

Unlocking The Kingdom Sky Dock

Like a City Sky Dock, The Kingdom Sky Dock must also be unlocked by each player for personal use. This can be done in the same was as you would unlock a City Sky Dock.

  • Unlock on the ground
    • Purchasing an Airship from a Kingdom Sky Dock, in the Land Realm, will unlock that Sky Dock and enable you to use it.

Kingdom Sky Dock Functions

Alongside any options that may appear such as Visit, Destroy, and View Profile, there are several special functions specific to Kingdom Sky Docks.


Select this option to name the Kingdom Sky Dock. This is free and can be repeated as many times as your heart desires.

Buy Airship

This option allows any player to buy a Personal Airship. The cost to buy a Personal Airship is:

When selecting the option to purchase a Personal Airship, you're presented with the opportunity to choose a name for your Airship. Choose it wisely, because renaming the Airship later will cost you 300 Platinum.

After you choose the Airship's name, a Manifest will be placed into your Personal Inventory. This Manifest will appear like this:

Airship Name - Cruiser Ship Manifest 100% Fuel 100%

Click here - Personal Airship to view all specific details on Personal Airships.

Buy Cannons

This option will allow the player to purchase any cannons, provided the player has enough resources. To view a categorized list of all cannons with information on all specific cannons that can be purchased, click Cannons.

Launch Airship

If a player has a Personal Airship equipped, he or she may be allowed to Launch the Airship from the Kingdom Sky Dock. When the player is done in the air, the Airship will have two options - Go To Landing Marker (which will fly the player back to the launch point for the cost of one circle movement's fuel), or Dock Airship (which allows the player to return to land where they launched their Airship).

Other Notes

Tip: The Kingdom Sky Dock is a great place for Kingdom members to peacefully explore the sky, without having to worry about going to a busy city and possibly being provoked into air battles. Feel free to launch your Airship and have some fun!

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