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The Krampus is an extremely powerful creature that has an affinity to the cold. Because of their liking of cold, they are often lurking within Snow Piles. They are only around the PK Universe during the winter, and originally arrived to PK in 2011. They came as part of the Four-Part Winter Update.

Since December 2012, Krampuses give out rings upon defeat. These special Krampus Rings are very much like the Cursed Pyramid Rings. When you have an unpolished Krampus Ring, the name of the ring will not be "Unpolished Fair Ring" or "Unpolished Grand Ring", it will be "Unpolished Krampus Fair Ring" or "Unpolished Krampus Grand Ring". The Krampus Rings have a chance of having unique bonuses that no other rings can possibly have. There are four possible bonuses, which can be seen here: Krampus Ring Bonuses. Finally, if you dump the Unpolished Krampus Rings, you have a chance of receiving a Krampus Ring Core. This is pretty much the same thing as the Cursed Pyramid Ring Cores, but except with the Ring Provenance of a Krampus Ring.

The year they were introduced, any player who killed a Krampus was rewarded with a special, limited-edition, player-bound Winter Champion Crown. These hats are no longer available.

For a two-week period ending January 1, 2013, any player who killed 20 Krampuses was rewarded with a special, limited-edition, player-bound Krampus Crown. These hats are also no longer available.

For the Winter Cheer Celebration Event at the end of 2013, defeating a Krampus rewards players with Stockings.

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