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Larva have been called the bane of life. Awake, they never stop eating until their own mass is enough to kill them. When they die, their rot poisons the earth below them for years. The sickly white, bloated creatures can destroy a village, field, or forest as they suck down anything that lingers in their path. Luckily, Larva spend long periods dormant underground and, unlike their namesake, no one in the Parallel Kingdom has ever seen one metamorphose into something new. These small boons are forgotten when one is roused and eats a many-mile-long path of destruction. Fighting a Larva is usually considered suicidal, though it is possible. The Larva's mouth is lined with thousands of sharp teeth and their massive gelatinous body absorbs the most considerable blows with ease. The only consistent ways to kill a Larva is to somehow hack through enough of its flesh to destroy its tiny brain, or to simply hack it into pieces hoping it won't notice.

Larva wander the map, and attack anything. Larva are unpredictable, they may be attacking you at one moment and just leave you be the next. Be warned that they constantly regain health. Larva drop ingredients necessary to make Halvar's Resin.

Best Weapon Set
Axe, Shield

Item drop
Larva Meat, Spears, Swords, Axes, Daggers, Shields, Breastplates

Monster Stategy For Larva