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Levitation Metal


Levitation Metal is a Special Metal crafted by using the Metallurgy skill. When you use weapons or armor infused with Levitation Metal, you have a chance to apply the Levitate Trapped Status to your enemies. This status last for 4 seconds, and while the status is active, it is impossible to move. Once the Levitate Trapped Status wears off, it leaves a 4 second long immunity.

Weapons infused with Levitation Metal have a 20% chance of applying the Levitate Trapped Status.
Armor infused with Levitation Metal has a 15% chance of applying the Levitate Trapped Status.

Crafting Requirements:

ice_metal.png banish_metal.png poison_metal.png shade_metal.png honed_metal.png dead_metal.png fire_metal.png aether_metal.png wind_metal.png lightning_metal.png swift_metal.png retribution_metal.png life_metal.png

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