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A Library is a building that you can build and other players can use. Players can study in Libraries to gain Pages for Food. Hey, librarians have to eat too. You can study at each Library once and once only - including your own. You can also only study once per day, even if it is at a different library. The more you study, the more Pages you earn each time.

Libraries are also the main source for Parchments, and they can be bought from any Library for 5 Food and gold amount set by the owner. Purchase can be made once every day.

If you build a Library, other players can use it to study, and you will get a gold profit for each person that does. To build a Library, you will have to visit the Great Library and acquire a set of blueprints. Blueprints cost 500 food.

A library can only be built on a city flag. Previously, a library could also be built on private flags and kingdom flags so you may come across libraries that cannot be where they are under the current mechanics.

Resources Needed:

Building Hit Points: 20,000
Burn Time: 25 Hours