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A Lich is an ally summoned to help you, using the dark forces imbued into Dead Metal armor.

If you are killed while being defended by a Dead Metal armor or shield, you are guaranteed to summon a Lich that will be there to fight by your side.

Note that if you have both armor and a shield equipped, whichever is your best defense will take effect. So if one of them has dead metal, and the other doesn't, you may not spawn a Lich if you die.

A Lich:

  • Will remain around for 24 hours after being spawned. If you die again, the 24-hour timer is reset.
  • Has weapons and armor equal to yours
  • Heals as if constantly eating a Mourning Berry as long as you are wearing dead armor
  • Will spawn even if you are at your minion limit, allowing you to be above the normal limit as long as the Lich is present
    • If this happens, you will not be able to spawn another minion until two are lost