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The Magnathere can only be called massive. Superficially, it appears to be a cross between an elephant and rhinoceros, but weighing up to 80 tons, it dwarfs both. It is fortunate then that the beast is a gentle herbivore, entirely harmless if left to its own devices. Magnatheres love thistle, but will eat any plants they come across, and, instinctively, they hate being boxed in - taking incredibly circuitous courses to avoid forests. If a man felt compelled to kill a Magnathere he would do well to have a sharp Spear and many friends. When its inches of hide are pierced, it will strike with enough force to fell any warrior.

Fighting and killing a Magnathere alone is no easy task. They are by far the hardest non-dungeon monster. A hit from a Magnathere will knock you half way across the screen, beware when using poison as a Magnathere will become exceptionally deadly.

Best Weapon Set
Spear, Breastplate

Item drop