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When Found on Land...


The Malkoha is a man sized bird that lays its eggs amongst those of other creatures. Their eggs are large and leathery, easily confused for those of a Dragon or some other large creature. When the hatchlings are born they consume the eggs of the rightful owner of the nest, and then proceed to eat and kill anything else living in the cave that is smaller than themselves. The creature is adapted to pierce the shells of Dragon Eggs, and, as such, can easily penetrate any lesser armor. Moreover, the creature's beak will do considerable damage to any fleshy thing it encounters.

When Found in the Sky...


Malkohas are also found in the Sky Realm and must be dealt with when on your Griffin or in your Airship. They can be found in flocks and will often board your Airship, if they do you will need to Fend off Boarders.

Malkohas will do damage to your Airship when they board, and they'll continue to do damage over time while they're inside of your Airship. It's a great idea to board your Airship and kill any and all Malkohas as soon as possible.

Best Weapon Set
Sword, Breastplate or Shield

Item Drop